Facilities extended to students:


The college has a central library facility for the students. Through the library is not so large, it has a collection of most useful and recent books on different disciplines. The library is enriched every year with new publication. From library, students are allowed to borrow books for a specified period.

College Magazine:

A college magazine is published annually to encourage flourishing the latent aesthetic talents among the students.

Students' Health Home & Health Card :

The college has introduced Students' Health Home Scheme where each regular student of the college will be provided with a Health Card. This will enable him/her in getting best medical treatments and facilities, if needed.

Outdoor Games Facilities :

There is a large playground inside the college campus. During their leisure time, the students may engage themselves in playing football, cricket, badminton etc. Interclass tournaments will be arranged every year.

Annual Sports :

Annual Sports & Athletic Meet of the college is arranged where large number of students participate. The winning candidates are rewarded with prizes and certificates.

Annual Functions :

The college organizes Annual Functions like Freshers' Welcome, Song, Recitation, Debate Competition, Quiz Contest etc. which are attended with huge enthusiasm from the students.

Seminars & Workshops :

The college organizes subject-based seminars where eminent speakers from different corners of the state deliver lectures on relevant topics. The students get a chance to enrich themselves from such seminars.

College Educational Tours :

The college organizes excursions of students particularly by History and some other departments. Provisions for excursion is extended at par with the syllabus.

College Canteen :

The Lalgola College canteen started functioning since December 2012 providing good quality food to the students in cheap rate.

Students' common room :

Students' common room for girls' has already been established and that for the boys is sceduled to be opened very soon.

Cycle Stand :

A cycle stand for keeping cycle of students is available in the college campus.

Girls' Hostel :

The contruction of college hostel for girls' with a capacity of 60 students is complete. The hostel will be open shortly as an when applications from sufficient students are received.